Automatic Sliding Roof

Retractable Roof is kind of new innovation done by NIHVA for Bungalows, Hotels, Hospital, Villas,
Apartments, commercial complex, Offices, where we can add more glory by allowing partial
sunlight to enter in premises at day and start sky view at nights. Roofs are operated in many ways
you like Folding Roof, sliding roof, telescopic roof, single sided, double sided, vertical lift, inclined lift
and etc.
Non-Corrosive materials like Aluminium Alloy Profiles, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Rubber sealing
and Poly carbonate Sheet Fillings.
• Complete Enclosure with doors, Locking systems, Rubber seals, etc. Lightweight solution for
Terraces, Roofing systems, Pools, Balconies, Patios, Smoking Zones and a lot more applications.
• Completely Water proof and can be Air Conditioned if the area is enclosed.
• It can be easily Re-Located within a short time by our trained technical personal.
• No need of any license from municipal authorities for terrace Roofing’s since it’s completely



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