A palletizer is a machine which provides automatic means for stacking cases (cartons) of goods or products onto a pallet.

Manually placing boxes on pallets can be time consuming and expensive; it can also put unusual stress on workers.

There are specific types of palletizers.

1)      In row-forming palletizing applications loads are arranged on a row forming area and then moved onto a different area where layer forming takes place. This process repeats until a full layer of goods and products are configured to be placed on a pallet.

2)      The in-line palletizer when higher speeds were needed for palletizing. This palletizer type utilizes a continuous motion flow divider that guides the goods into the desired area on the layer forming platform.

Pallet Dispenser:

Pallet Dispenser is a machine which Dispenses the magazine stack of pallet one by one on conveyor system of palletizer. It has a capacity to hold load of stacked pallet.

Stack of pallet can be designed as per requirement

The pallet dispenser is operated by a pneumatic scissor-lift mechanism. magazine stack of pallet is placed on Scissor lift , once the scissor lift reaches to Dispenser arm position it hold stack of pallet with single pallet on scissor lift which drops on conveyor system for further palletization 



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