secondary packaging machine

A great way to think about secondary packaging and its importance, is to remember an old industry phrase about secondary packaging that states: “Secondary packaging is the last activity on your mind, but the first activity your customer sees.”
secondary packaging includes cardboard cartons, cardboard boxes, cardboard/plastic crates, trays, paperboard cartons, shrink wrapped bundles, trayed PET bottles held with shrink wrap, taped or glued cardboard cartons containing cans of food, Pouches of food, Consumable material.
Loading of cans, pouches, in cartons known as secondary packaging.
Secondary packaging is a great way to strengthen your crowd and increase product visibility in a crowded market.
Secondary packaging increases your opportunities for marketing your product and appealing to consumers.
Choosing the Right Type of Secondary Packaging: Your package and packaging has taken the place of a handshake, smile or even the friendly voice that we once received whenever we made a purchase.
Adding secondary packaging can help you customize your products in a more cost-effective and efficient way for the shipping process
Secondary packaging equipment can be designed to operate in a variety of environments including clean rooms, dusty environments, wash down applications and refrigerated areas.
We provide Territory Packaging with which sealed cartons are positioned onto a pallet and shrink wrapped for distribution.
 Process Flow of sec. Packaging machine
  • Correct Design: With reference of Primary Packaging product, we design customize solution of secondary packaging system in accordance to reach customer satisfaction.
  • Correct Speed: Machine is designed to match the output required by customer; we take Primary machine speed as an input source for efficient solution.
  • Correct Execution: Machine Construction is made with consideration of all food grade standards, SS304 mainly used for construction with food grade conveyor belts bought from certified vendors.
  • Communication: System is integrated with smart control of communication within machine for error free operation which allows customer to generate reports which are helpful in engineering term MES (Manufacturing Execution System)




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