pick and place

PICK & PLACE is very widely used device in Automation, it is an essential motion subsystem component of robotic system for positioning, orientating object so that robot can perform useful task in automation. Its arm provides for exact positioning due to free, almost effortless horizontal and vertical movement, constant support and positive control at all times. The operator functions as a guide in the control system. This promotes fast and precise 3-dimensional handling with minimal force required by the operator to overcome the inertia of the load being handled. In industrial ergonomics a it is a lift-assist device used to help workers lift, manoeuvre and place articles in process that are too heavy, too hot, too large or otherwise too difficult for a single worker to manually handle. As opposed to simply vertical lift assists (cranes, hoists, etc.) it can have the ability to reach in to tight spaces and remove work pieces. Pick and place provides material handling equipment in continuous production cycle that operates on pneumatic suction & pneumatic holding pressure. Inputs required from client to share the offer

  • Suction / holding pressure suitable as per application
  • Size of part to be pick & place
  • Lifting height of part
  • Moving radius if client need rotary type pick & place
  • Space available for machine




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