special purpose machine

Compared to CNC machines, SPM( special-purpose machines ) offer enormous scope for large quantity production at low investment and low cost of production. These are machines that are not available on the shelf. A machine which has to be design & Tailor-made as per customer’s requirement known as Special Purpose Machine SPM. Special Purpose Machines is a high productivity machine, with specially designed tooling and fixtures, day in and day out dedicated to the same component-production. A combination of limit switches, sensors, logic controls, automatic job clamping, etc is the essence of a SPM. The special purpose machine created by good ideas finds ways and means to make the best use of man and machine. Your inquiry with the following details will enable us to send you our offer:
(a) Job drawing
(b) Job material
(c) Operations to be carried out on the job to be clearly indicated in the drawing
(d) The existing procedure of particular operation
(e) Desired rate of production
(f) Precondition of the job as presented to the machine




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