telescopic conveyor

Telescopic Conveyor is used for faster loading and unloading of cartons, bags, boxes into or from trucks and containers of varying capacities. It helps in reducing significantly the loading and unloading time, thereby leading to faster turnaround times. Mechanization achieved by using it helps in reducing considerably the labour and damage costs. Telescopic Conveyors are sometimes also known as cantilevered booms or extendable conveyors. it is constructed with a fixed and a sliding portion for telescopic action. Because of the controlled length due to telescopic action it can go into the inside of truck/containers and give access to loading and unloading operation. It is ideal for use in large-sized logistic storage areas. We required following details to share offer to you

1) Size of Product to convey (Load / Unload Purpose) 
2) Size of vehicle / Truck / Container          
3) Height of loading Bay from Road level 
4) Capacity of conveyor required (No of packets/Boxes per Hour)




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